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A guide to holidays, property buying, and general information about the greener and more tranquil, least visited Western side of Crete.

Crete is the southernmost and largest of the Greek islands.From its large swathes of sandy beach to secluded coves, and mountain peaks that remain snow covered until late May, Crete is endowed with a geographical depth rare in mediterranean islands. Western Crete is by far the greener and much quieter side of the island, and is blessed with an ambience reminiscent of fifties Britain, that seems slightly removed from, and somewhat at odds with the modern world. Thanks to both geography and prudent planning laws, it has avoided over developement and high rise hotels that have blighted many parts of the med. As a holiday destination Western Crete is ideally suited to young families, and those disinclined to sport Union Jack shorts.

If it's good enough for the Saxe-Coburgs, then it's good enough for us. We now have some picture galleries on the dreaded facebook folow this link--cretewest