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If you want a car for the duration of your stay, then the most convenient, and very likely the cheapest option is to book it over the internet. Not least because you will save on transfer charges. There are many price comparison sites on the web now such as that offer tabulated price comparison charts. Be aware with these though that as you progress along the booking process little extra charges have a habit of creeping in, which can make what was initially the cheaper vehicle one of the dearest. A new innovation ( I defer from using the word scam here) of car hire  companies is to introduce an excess to the once all embracing Collision Damage Waiver insurance option. Then you get the option to insure against this, or insure your insurance as you might say. On the subject of insurance most hire companies in Crete preclude the underside of the vehicle and tyres from the insurance cover. This is because of the likelihood of damage should you travel down any the many dirt roads that still remain here.
If you just want a car for a few days or want to hire a motorcycle, then there is no shortage of outlets all over the island, most of which are reasonably priced. Bear in mind that standards of vehicle maintenance here fall a little short of what you may be accustomed to in some of the more developed western European countries. Give the vehicle you intend to hire a thorough inspection, particularly the tyres, and get agreement on what dents and scratches are already extant.
If you are hiring a motorcycle, make sure that you, and if applicable your passenger are issued with correctly fitting helmets. Wearing of safety helmets is a legal requirement here, though this, and indeed many aspects of motoring legislation, may not be immediately obvious from observing the locals. Foreign tourists tend to be a prime target for the law enforcement agencies in any vehicle, though this is not a situation exclusive to Crete.