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The Lefka Ori mountains sweep steeply down into the Libyan Sea on the southwest coast of Crete. A geological feature that has thus far prevented the building of a coast road to link the towns and the villages that dot this rugged coastline. The major towns are connected to the road network, but some of the smaller villages have no roads to them at all. The E4 footpath does traverse the coast here and passes through all the towns and villages, and though it affords some excellent walking opportunities, it is not the most practical means of access.
A scheduled ferry service is in operation between these places year round though the schedule is fairly minimal during the winter, and may be cancelled due to bad taxiboatweather. Tickets are available from huts located close to the point of embarkation. Don’t worry if the hut is unmanned, the ticket seller usually turns up about 15 minutes before departure time, which is surprisingly punctual for Crete. The ticket hut in Chora Sfakion has now moved from the car park to the top of the slipway from which the ferry leaves. This should clear up some confusion, as this is not the most obvious landing place, and if you discovered you were waiting in the wrong place the sprint around the harbour was quite a challenge.
Timetables don’t vary much from year to year in practice, but you are advised to get up to the minute information before you travel. Arriving in good time is no hardship as there are always opportunities to wait in the shade with a cool drink.
There are also privately operated taxi boats that ply their trade along this coast, and for places like sweetwater beach they are the only means of access apart from walking. Prices are usually quite reasonable, though they will be much more attractive when shared between a few people.

Ferry timetables and prices are available at