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The Imbros Gorge runs between the villages of Imbros and Komitades. From Imbros the gorge descends 580 metres to Komitades which is 200 metres above sea level. It is 8km long. Entrance fee is 2euros and the walk generally takes around two and a half hours. It is much less crowded than the “must do” Samaria Gorge, though many regard it as just as scenically rewarding. It also has the advantage of being somewhat shorter and easier to access.
Obviously you can elect to either walk up the gorge or down it, though most take the down route. The easiest way to access it is by hire car. You can drive to the entrance of your choice and then take a taxi back to your car, or take the probably safer option of leaving your car at your chosen exit point, and taking a taxi to the entrance, secure in the knowledge that your transport home awaits you.
Buses that run from Chania to Chora Sfakion stop at the gorge entrance in Imbros. From the exit point at Komitades it is a 5km. walk to Chora Sfakion, or you could take a taxi. You can then catch a bus back to Chania from Chora Sfakion.

The walk itself is fairly easy along the usual Cretan stony terrain, and being a gorge directions are a bit superfluous. Around the halfway stage there is a spring, and sometimes during the summer season a man selling soft drinks. At its most extreme the walls of the gorge are 300metres high, and towards the end it narrows quite impressively to about 2metres.
Both Imbros and Komitades are more than well endowed with tavernas to provide refreshment after your efforts, also nearby are Chora Sfakion and Frangokastelli, which has a very nice shallow beach.